From the very first he could impress me with his musical talent(…) Solistic qualities go along with a fine flexibility and music sensitivity,using his ability to lead as well as to listen and assist 

Leonhard Roczek, Minetti Quartet

(…)a very gifted player, with a robustsound, and a spontaneous musical nature 

Enrico Bronzi, Trio di Parma

The young italian talent has won numerous prizes at national and international competitions like “premio Città di Vittorio Veneto”, “Riviera della Versilia” , “Concorso nuovi orizzonti Arezzo”, “Concorso europeo Alfredo e Wanda Marosig” ,  “Concorso internazionale Rovere d’oro” , “Concorso Salieri” , “Concorso Geminiani” . He debuted as soloist with Dvorak cello concert at the age of 17 years old.

After having graduated very young with the highest mark at the conservatory “C. Pollini “ with Mario Finotti, he is currently studying at the prestigious international “Universität Mozarteum” of Salzburg with Enrico Bronzi and at the “Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris” with Marc Coppey. He has also taken part in numerous solistic and chamber music masterclasses with important musicians such as  Michael Flaksman, Eric-Maria Couturier, Giovanni Gnocchi, Anna Serova, Leonardo Sapere, Eszter Haffner, Raphaël Pidoux,  Alexander Chaushian, Giovanni Sollima, Gary Hoffman.

His passion for chamber music brought him to play with numerous artist such as Alexander Gadjiev, Giovanni Zanon, Marc Coppey, Marcel Mok, Margherita Santi, Haruna Shinoyama, Aleksandr Shaikin, Axel Trolese.

He has also been principal cello of the “ O. R. C. V.” and orchestra “Italo Montemezzi”, and also alongside important orchestra as “Ensemble InterContemporain” with important conductor as Matthias Pintscher, Bruno Weil, Hans Graf, Gianluigi Gelmetti, Andrea Battistoni .

He has been regularly perfoming in important venue such as: Philharmonie de Paris , Wiener Saal of Salzburg, Teatro Ristori of Verona.

His interest and curiosity towards contemporary music made him perform numerous important pieces, such as “Limonen aus Sizilien” at the very presence of Manfred Trojahn himself.