Dylan Baraldi


Trio Contro-Do

Paul Klee, The order of Contro-Do 1921

Young and passionate about chamber music, the founders of Trio Contro-Do make originality and curiosity their founding values. They owe their name to Paul Klee’s drawing “The Order of the Counter-Do”, an evocative and modern work capable of uniting the most disparate artistic fields, from literature to music and the figurative arts.

Taking this drawing as a source of inspiration, Trio Contro-Do proposes original thematic concerts composed of rare pearls of chamber repertoire, while at the same time trying to unite artistic fields that are often far apart.

From these stimuli comes the project of a complete concert performance of Rachmaninov’s Elegiac Trios proposed in the 2023 season of the Ravenna Festival, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian composer and bring the audience closer to his chamber production, which is less known but rich and stimulating.


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